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Don Juan de Marco is simply awesome! Johnny Depp at his best, a wonderful Marlon Brando and the film music is great too :)


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My best friend up till the age of four years was an Italian girl named Nicla - short for Nicoletta I think. We were inseparable and usually up to no good. Her parents had moved to Germany to work here and when we both were four years old they returned home to Italy. It about broke my heart when she moved away and I never knew what happened to her. I'm still thinking of her from time to time, wondering what kind of life she's having and if she's still remembering me at all.


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Uhmm... what a question! It's essential. Why selecting a romantic partner that you're not physically attracted to? That wouldn't make any sense at all. Any romantic relationship is at first based on physical attraction.


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Seeing as I joined for Queer as Folk, the rainbow came to mind and I love rainbows anyway ♥ The rest is my birthday... easy! :) I love my username and don't want to change it at all.

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With a movie it happened only once... and that was Dirty Dancing... I went out of the cinema and re-entered right again. Otherwise, yes, from time to time I rewatch movies that I like. Or TV shows. No repeat limit on my favorite TV show Queer As Folk.
As for books, some of my favorite books I've already read 10 times or more and I know I'll re-read them again after a while. Re-reading my favorite books is like visiting dear friends.
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My favorites are

♥ Yesterday ♥ and ♥ Imagine ♥

Although the latter is from John Lennon and not a Beatles song.

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I'd like to be Brian Kinney's faghag on Queer As Folk!!!
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I really love Dresden, it's a beautiful city with lots of great historical sites. I simply love the rebuilt church Frauenkirche. And right there is one of my favorite cafés, the Cosel Palais. And some really good friends of mine live near Dresden. Lots of reasons to go there again and again!
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Wouldn't be terribly difficult for me... besides work ;) I could spend my days reading and writing stories :)
Sure, you could pay me if you want... 100.000 € would be nice LOL
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Oh, that one is so easy for me! I'd like to be a cat, because they are animals but so much more too. Cats know what they want and they know how to get it. Before you even know it you're in love with them and they have you wrapped around their dainty little paws. You can't own cats but when they choose to stay with you they make you happy.

Road trip

Oct. 14th, 2010 12:07 am
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I would take my husband and be off to Scotland!!!
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I'd like to play a kick-ass cop like Eve Dallas from the ...in Death series by J.D.Robb. Would need a gorgeous Roarke though... maybe Gale Harold could do that for me?


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